Winter 2022 President’s Corner

Rick Sandstrom

Nothing is normal. Our family plans each night for the next day and adjusts as the day evolves. I advise many small businesses, and everything from customers to supply chain and employees are constantly changing. Our team had planned the annual decoy event for 2020 and 2021 only to cancel because of the conditions. Our September event had to adapt to public closure the week before, and that change resulted in 310 room night cancellations the weekend before the show. As I write this, the COVID infection rate is peaking again in many places, but it is forecast that this trend will change as we move into spring.

We learned from our September event, and all those lessons are helping us develop a thoughtful and prudent event plan for April. We have great support from our hotel team and our Mayo Clinic connections. Our April program focuses on a flexible environment to allow everyone to engage and operate as they choose. The hotel has upgraded HVAC with improved air filtration, disciplined sanitization procedures, and unique meeting space. For example, the auction preview and reception area open to the outside deck overlooking the lake. The rooms are larger and allow everyone to manage their own space as they choose. Some will prefer open selling and access, others will schedule appointments, and some will shop and use the open ballroom space for their setups. The beauty is that all options are possible.

An exciting trend is emerging as interest in sporting history and collectibles surges. We see it in the numbers of online bidders and new collectors. We have planned a comprehensive gathering for April, and it is much more than a show. It is a week-long collecting experience that is flexible and can accommodate a wide range of needs. This newsletter shares all the details for our upcoming event.

One hundred years ago, the world was battling the Spanish flu and was concerned about the impact of working in office and factory jobs. You will enjoy our seminars as we explore two talented Americans who adapted to this environment and created excellent American Folk Art. Oscar Peterson and Elmer Crowell both emerged from a sporting background to develop outstanding and collectible works. Their stories and work will be the subject of this year’s educational seminars.

I understand that you have to make the right decision for your situation. We need and appreciate your support. Your membership is vital to our success. Please renew your membership now.

We are creating a thoughtful plan for April and want you to consider attendance. Talk to your friends and find the best plan for you. We need to see your reservations to develop an optimum event plan. Our hotel agreement allows late cancellation without penalty. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. I have already talked with more than 400 members. There is clearly great interest.

We are working through the plan to update our web and its tools. The rate of change in the web is rapid, and we need to build a new generation communications capability. If any of you have connections or can help us, it would be appreciated.

We know that things have changed, but that makes it even more important to connect with one another. Focus on being a better you each day. We can do so much more together. We are working hard to do the right thing for the right reason.

Stay strong and Happy Collecting! Liz and I are grateful for all the tremendous support.