Joyce Hay

Portage, MI

Member since : 2005

My interest in decoy collecting grew out of a love of the out-of-doors, hunting, history and antiques. My husband and I started with Ohio decoys because of our familiarity with the area. Our interests have since branched out to include Lake Erie region decoys, including Canadian carvers

Background : The Ohio State University College of Journalism, BA in Advertising followed by extensive medical and marketing training in pharmaceuticals sales.

Other Involvements : I love being a mom to my young daughter, Taylor. I have enjoyed hunting behind my English Setters and look forward to training our newest boy, "Zeke." I became a certified SCUBA diver in 2013 and ran my first marathon in 2014.

The Collector : I have carved more than a dozen decoys to develop a better understanding of traditional and contemporary construction and painting techniques. I love researching the lives of decoy carvers and their owners and have had three articles published in Decoy Magazine.

Favorite Decoy : A pair of premier Mason pintails for which I camped out overnight in my truck outside an estate tag sale. They had such a rich provenance and I feel fortunate to be their caretaker for another generation.

Contact : ; (269) 352-9427